Our 2018 Sponsorship Document

 The Professional wing of the Business and Commerce Student’s Society aims to provide a quality service to both students and sponsoring organizations. By facilitating conversation, creating a focused environment, and building a BCSS prides itself on an outstanding marketing team hosting a creative team of designers and marketing major students. Representing the BCSS brand and its values, the marketing team is constantly looking to increase the effective nature of our communication outlets and boost our student engagement. The marketing team communicates with the membership base through social media, email, and website services, aspiring to cultivate a culture of like-minded individuals.

“Accounting is the biggest major, then finance, marketing, management. Doubles are very popular; for the B Bus most doubles are internal within the Business School (eg accounting/finance or management/marketing). The most popular double outside the Business School is Arts.”

Colin Jevons, Course Director and Associate Professor at Monash Business School, Monash University

Your points of contact:

Lachlan MacDonald
Professional Director