Our History

Incepted in 2001, BCSS has a rich history of enhancing the university experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Working in conjunction with other societies and independently, BCSS has a reputation for providing the highest quality events in the academic calendar. BCSS has, and always will consist of a diverse range of committee members, each with their unique set of skills and desire to give back to the Monash Caulfield community.

Our Mission

BCSS exists to unite and inform the business students of Monash University Caulfield. The social wing of BCSS is passionate about hosting remarkable social events where lifetime friendships are formed, including our annual O'Week Camp & BCSS Ball. The professional wing of BCSS is passionate about hosting unmissable professional events, including our Annual Corporate Cocktails, Networking at Noon & Talking Internships, whereby students can network with industry leading individuals and firms to gain a better understanding of life after university.

Our Promise

Our committee is run entirely by volunteers who have a passion for giving back to the community. We promise to provide all students with an equal opportunity to network in both the social and professional domain, supporting student growth and development.

Our 2024 Vision

2024 is set to be another extremely exciting year for BCSS. Building upon the foundation laid by previous committees, we endeavour to significantly expand and improve. Amongst other things, we have our sights set on increasing our presence around the university, fostering even stronger relationships with a variety of social and professional sponsors and providing an unbeatable experience for Monash University Students to grow and network.

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