BCSS Business Camp 2023

The wait is finally over. Clear your calendars because the BCSS Business Camp 2023 is officially here!

The wait is finally over. Clear your calendars because the BCSS Business Camp 2023 is officially here!

A weekend camping trip can be a fun and exciting adventure for university students. This is a great opportunity to escape the stress of campus life and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only do you get to relax in nature, but you also have the chance to meet new friends and bond with fellow students.

One of the highlights of this camping trip will be the free beverages that are provided. From refreshing sodas to delicious coffee, there will be something for everyone. Whether you needed a caffeine boost or just wanted to relax with a cold drink, you could easily grab a beverage and continue with your day or party all night.

Another great aspect of the trip is the opportunity to bond with new friends. You could spend time chatting around the campfire, playing games, or going for a swim in the Murray. It is an ideal way to get to know people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The trip creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone can connect and have fun.

The scenic views and peaceful surroundings are also a treat for the senses. The rolling hills, towering trees, and babbling streams create a serene and calming environment. You could take a walk, go for a swim, or just sit and enjoy the scenery. The campground provides a great backdrop for the trip and adds to the overall experience.

Overall, the weekend camping trip is bound to be a fantastic experience for Monash university students. The free beverages, the chance to meet new friends, and the stunning views will make it a trip to remember. It’s a great way to escape campus life, bond with others, and enjoy the great outdoors.

So, unleash your adventure spirit and join us for a camping trip unlike any other!🏕️ Join us for a weekend full of memories, laughter & NEW friends by the Murray. 👯‍♀️🕺🏽🤳🏽 We invite all Monash Caulfield students from ANY degree to join in on the fun. Don’t miss out on the ultimate university experience to kickstart your journey! The only regret you’ll have is NOT attending.


See you there,


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Date: 17th of March – 19th of March

Location: Echuca (exact location TBA)

Tickets: LIMITED EDITION TICKETS will be released soon

Who: Any Monash Caulfield student in any degree

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The BCSS Business Camp 2023 will include all the transport🚌, accommodation🏕️, food🍔🌭& an endless supply of beverages🍾🍻to keep the spirits high over this epic weekend.🕺🏽🪩