Whilst the common assumption is that BCSS is only for Business and Commerce Students, we assure you this is not the case! Business and Commerce is relevant in any industry and therefore any degree, thus our members and even our committee are made up of a diverse community.

Our office can be quite challenging to find! We are located in Building T (across the road from Monash Connect)! Head on up to the third floor and find our logo on the corridor wall (left hand side)! A map and specific room number can be found on our contact page should you need further information! If you are still struggling to find us, message our facebook page!

Find us here on maps!

Since 2001, The Monash Business School’s Business & Commerce Students’ Society has served the students of Monash University Caulfield campus through providing a platform where our members can grow towards their dream career. Whilst students often have an idea of what they want to do, they may not know how to pursue it or what life after University actually looks like. Thus, with the help of the Monash Business School, we partner up with the worlds largest firms and our past alumni, to give our current members the opportunity to engage with where their degree will take them. Supplementary to this, we hold premier social events to give Business students a chance to break the ice and form life-long friendships with their peers.

Learn more about BCSS here.

Yes! Each year BCSS hopes to find additional ways to give back! In 2017 and 2018 BCSS ran a Charity Ball supporting Beyond Blue! Over the two years BCSS has been able to donate over $6,000 to the foundation! In 2019 BCSS’s annual Charity Ball will be supporting The Good Friday Appeal, with the hopes of raising not only finances but also awareness! Furthermore, BCSS endeavours to host another charity event in 2023, however, event specifics are still in the works!


To become a member pop by the BCSS stall on the green in week 0 or week 1! Make sure you have your student ID on you and are able to pay the related fee (card only)! If you are unable to pop by the stall during these time periods but would still love to be a member, pop by the MONSU workshop (Building S, Level 2), their team should be able to assist you in obtaining a BCSS membership!

Alternatively, you can click here to sign up online through MONSU!

BCSS member pricing depends on a few things!

  • A BCSS membership  is $10 (full year membership)

Of course! BCSS events welcome members and non members! The only difference is, members recieve discounted prices to all BCSS events! When all of BCSS’s events are absolute fire these discounts add up! With the discount price typically being $5-10 per event, should you wish to attend all of BCSS’s events during the year, purchasing a membership you could save over $50-$100 on tickets!

Being a member is truly worthwhile! Some benefits of membership include:

  • 1x BCSS showbag (includes exclusive discounts and merchandise from our sponsors)
  • Discounted ticket prices to all social events!
  • Discounted ticket prices to all professional events!
  • Exculsive access to all BCSS publications (reminders about upcoming events, internships, development programs, ticket discount codes etc)

For further information about membership perks please see our membership page which provides a detailed breakdown of the 2019 benefits!

Unfortunately there are some restrictions in relation to becoming a BCSS member!

  • Students need to be Monash based, however you can attend any campus, be of any year level and any degree!


BCSS is split into 4 sectors – Executive, Social, Professional and Marketing!

  • The Executive stream is the glue that binds BCSS and its three streams together. Whilst this team’s core responsibility is decision making that affects BCSS as a whole (eg direction/finances), it is also up to this group to ensure the administrative work is complete and internal/external culture is exceeding expectations!
  • The social stream loves to throw a party! They are in charge of planning, coordinating and executing all social events including the likes of Charity ball and Comm Camp. This team strives to ensure students are in a welcoming and inclusive environment whilst providing opportunities to build friendships and connections!
  • The professional stream is behind all BCSS development and networking events. They are responsible for hunting down industry leading firms and providing students like you the opportunity to not only interact with them but get your foot in the door!
  • The Marketing stream ensures all of our events reach the eyes of the wider community! They are responsible for BCSS social media platforms, publications and online presence! Without our outstanding marketing team our events would be no where near as successful as they are!
  • For more information please view our ‘committee’ page which offers individual descriptions of each role!

The first intake is held in mid-late march and the process is as follows:

  • Online Application (application dates and link will be published on our facebook page)!
  • 1st round interviews
  • 2nd round interviews
  • General Representatives are announced
  • At each stage both successful and unsuccessful candidates will be notified, should you be unsuccessful please do not be discouraged, competition is always high and there are many other opportunities to get involved with the team!

The second intake is held in early october and the process is as follows:

  • Keep an eye on our facebook page for application dates!
  • Submit an expression of interest to our committee applications email (state your name and contact number as well as a little bit about yourself and the three positions you want to apply for)!
  • Write a speech outlining your suitability for the roles selected as well as what you hope to bring to the team!
  • Attend AGM, listen to speeches, participate in voting and wait to hear the results!
  • Each year the number of applications received during the october intake varies, thus additional steps in the application process may need to be added should there be high demand!

Unfortunately there are some restrictions in relation to becoming a BCSS committee member!

  • Students need to be Monash based, however you can attend any campus, be of any year level and any degree!


Our networking events are a chance for you to bridge the gap between university and your future. At a BCSS networking event there is a chance for you to interact with firms and ask them questions about:

  • What the firm does
  • The different departments within the firm & what each one does
  • Which majors/minors would be most useful for working at the firm in the future
  • If the firm has internships/vacation programmes
  • How to apply for internships/vacation programmes (if applicable)
  • What the firm’s graduate programme is
  • When to apply for graduate programmes (if applicable)  

Even if you are only in your first year there are still a multitude of benefits for attending networking/professional events. Building a network is one of the most important aspects of making your foray into university and the business world. Similarly, by attending networking and professional events and speaking to firms you can begin to narrow down what fields interest you. Subsequently allowing you to begin thinking about the majors and minors you should take according to your interests.

  • Begin building your network
  • Glean an insight into your interests in the business world
  • Figure out which industries and firms you may like to work for
  • Meet like-minded students
  • Opportunities to hear from exemplar alumni and eminent business people

Yes, we do. Last year we hosted a seminar presented by a Monash alumnus and current EY employee who instructed how to go about applying to firms and interview techniques. We will also be presenting you with exclusive publications from experts in the next year to help you gain the best inside tips!


Unfortunately camp tickets cannot be reserved prior to our ticket sale launch! Due to overwhelming demand the fairest system is first in best dressed!

We understand that not everyone will be able to make the allocated ticket sales timeslot, if this is the case for you, a friend can pay the deposit on your behalf (please note it is strictly a maximum of 2x tickets per person)! If a friend is paying on your behalf, you will still need to pop by the BCSS stall another time to pay the remainder of the fee and fill out the related documentation!

Alternatively, if a friend cannot purchase a ticket on your behalf, message our facebook page to be popped onto a waiting list, if any spots become available we will be sure to contact you first!

If you can no longer make camp, contact our facebook page ASAP! Your spot will be offered to the person next in line on our waiting list and we wont follow you up for the remainder of your payment! Unfortunately, the deposit you would have paid upfront is non refundable!

In previous years this camp was only offered to Monash first years, however, due to two years of COVID lockdowns & camp cancellations, we are glad to announce this camp is open to second years (started in 2021) & third years in 2023 (started in 2020)!

With this said, you don’t have to be a Business/Commerce student! Bring your student ID along to O’Week as it will be checked upon purchasing a ticket, but get in quick because tickets will sell out FAST!

The purpose of this camp is welcoming new students, as well as providing an opportunity for those that started in 2020 & 2021 to meet new people and make a wide range of friends. Not only are the people you meet on camp likely to become life-long friends, but they will also be great study buddies over the duration of your degree and a part of your professional network when you settle into your future career!