Mastering the Art of Networking: BCSS Corporate Cocktails 2023

Your guide to succeed at Corporate Cocktails & future networking events. Your dream role may be one conversation away.
Networking events are a golden opportunity for university students seeking to shape their future and secure graduate roles or internships, or simply make meaningful corporate connections. The BCSS Corporate Cocktails presents you with the opportunity to meet representatives from prestigious companies including L’Oréal, Chartered Accountants, KPMG, NAB, EY, BDO, PWC, and Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, paving your way to success. We’re here to guide you through the steps to succeed at Corporate Cocktails and future BCSS networking events to maximise your chance of landing your dream role.
1. Come Prepared
Take the time to research the companies attending, evaluate whether their values and opportunities align with your own goals and aspirations.  Prepare some open-ended questions that display genuine interest in the company and industry, this may include:
– What does your latest project entail?
– What challenges do you face in the industry or specific role?
– How do you see the role evolving in the near or extended future?
– What experience did you have to secure your role at XYZ?
– What skills are most important?
2. Perfect your ‘Elevator Pitch’
Craft a brief and memorable introduction, include your name, major and what you hope to achieve. Keep it engaging and naturally flowing. When relevant you may share your own experiences, projects and achievements and demonstrate your passion for your journey.
3. Dress the Part
First impressions are important! Your attire speaks to your character and professionalism. Ensure to dress appropriately, and understand the meaning of ‘business attire’ in the current landscape.  ***Please note: you don’t need to splurge to find business attire. 
4. Approach with Confidence
Representatives are attending Corporate Cocktails to meet and talk to you! Approach with a smile, offer a handshake, maintain eye contact and appropriate body language.
5. Active Listening
When engaging in meaningful conversations with representatives ensure you practise active listening. Pay attention to the representative and respond thoughtfully, show your interest as well as your respect.
6. Connect & Follow Up
After a conversation, ask for the representative’s LinkedIn or business card, to open the door for further communication and demonstrate your interest to stay connected. In the next day or two, send a personalised message to follow up and thank the representative for their time and reiterate your interest in exploring further opportunities in their company.
Networking events are stepping stones to your future career. By approaching these events with confidence and following tips you may leave lasting impressions. But remember it’s not only about landing an internship or graduate role, it’s about building and maintaining professional relationships to guide your future. 
Step out of your comfort zone & take control of your success. Your dream role may be one conversation away!