BCSS Membership

With your very own BCSS Caulfield membership you should expect to see many exclusive benefits coming your way.

There’s a reason why BCSS Caulfield has been voted Most Valuable Club for three years running! Business Ball, After Exams Party and Corporate Cocktails, are only some of our most notorious social and professional events.

With a BCSS Caulfield membership you will receive exclusive discounts on all of our events; each an incredible opportunity to meet many new people and create connections throughout our established community.

We’re here to help you have the best experience at Monash University, always striving to provide more and more to your university experience.

BCSS showbag containing:

BCSS showbag – 2023 (first 500 members only)!

Showbags may contain:

  • A BCSS Flask
  • A BCSS Drink bottle
  • A BCSS Keep cup
  • A Bottle Opener
AND a mixture of the following:
  • A selection of merch and discounts from sponsors and friends on campus

Discounted rates to all sOCIAL events including:

    • Camp (TBC)
    • Ball
    • Rooftop Cocktails
    • Members BBQ 
    • AXP (TBC)


    • Corporate Cocktails
    • Networking at Noon
    • Art of Networking
    • Women in Business (TBC)
    • Talking Internships
    • Professional Week (e.g. how to network, interviewing skills etc)

Access to all BCSS publications including:

    • 2023 Membership Brochure
    • BCSS Weekly Newsletter (upcoming events, internship opportunities, competitions, faculty news)
    • Blog Posts (updates on the committee, behind the scenes, and upcoming opportunites)
    • Event Discount Code


You can now purchase your BCSS 2023 Membership online!